Global Women Strike in Red Pepper

“The campaign for a living wage has taken off internationally led by cleaners, McDonald’s employees, caretakers, hospital and other workers. But will mothers and other carers be included or will we continue to be treated as ‘workless’ scroungers?”

Do We Value Women’s Work?

“While the 1% more than doubled their income in the last 10 years and the arms trade has risen by 22%, 1 billion children worldwide live in poverty, 3.7m in the UK and 176,565 surviving on food banks.” The Global Women Strike discuss the deepening sexism of austerity and the market. Do we value women’s work?

Why Don’t We Just Pay a Living Wage to Mothers and Carers?

‘Since Tony Blair called single mothers “workless” we have been treated as worthless, and our benefits have been cut – first one parent benefit, then universal child benefit and income support, the only benefits that recognised mothers were entitled to money from the state while raising their children’ –Nina Lopez Nina Lopez of the Global Women’s …

A life in writing: Selma James in The Guardian

Books A life in ... A life in writing: Selma James 'By demanding payment for housework we attack what is terrible about caring in our capitalist society' Becky Gardiner Fri 8 Jun 2012 22.45 BSTFirst published on Fri 8 Jun 2012 22.45 BST  Selma James describes the frustrations of women’s lives. Photograph: Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian The last time …

Video: People for Tomorrow Selma James Our Time is Coming

“Selma James, a socialist and feminist, uses her own experiences working in low-paid jobs and being a mother and housewife as a starting point in this investigation into whether women are exploited in all areas of society. Interviews with full-time housewives, and with females who work outside the home but still do almost all of …